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Trek Relief is 100% run and supported by the loving hands of volunteers


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We are currently looking for...


Trip Leaders

We are now offering our alumni an exciting opportunity to return to the communities they've helped. We are seeking individuals who have gone on one of our previous trips to apply to be a Trip Leader.

Trip Leaders are our volunteer coordinators and uphold and share our mission, values, and beliefs. There are pre and post-trip duties that involve organizing and publicizing the trip. In return for their leadership, they gain behind-the-scenes experience working with an international nonprofit and get a trip stipend.


  • Must be an alumni of the trip

  • Able to make and communicate decisions and solve problems that may arise

  • Flexible and able to maintain a positive, professional attitude at all times.


Connections + Skilled Volunteers

Looking to share and develop your experience, expand your portfolio, or just simply give without having to travel?

We are currently seeking to symbiotically co-create with doers, donors, connectors, and skilled professionals who would like to help us in any of the following areas:

  • Accounting

  • Administration

  • Communications

  • Fundraising

  • Grant Writing

  • Legal

  • Website



  • Genuine interest in doing good, supporting a great cause, and making a lasting difference

  • Responsive, reliable, proactive, and follows through

  • Willingness to advise and serve


Are you a passionate do-er looking to gain experience in nonprofit startups?  Interns will learn the intricacies of what is needed to launch, feed, and run a nonprofit. This internship is very hands-on in working with a unique group of experienced and eclectically talented souls. We provide school credit to institutions.



  • Genuine interest in doing good and learning about the about the back end of nonprofit startups

  • Responsive, reliable, proactive, and follows through

  • Ability to dedicate 15 hours per week

Developmental Interns