Our Trip Leaders


Dr Rob Williams

I’ve served as an assistant trip leader for our pilot project in Mongolia, and a trip co-leader for scouting our pilot project in Chile’s Patagonia region, working on both projects with my irrepressible BOD colleague Sarah Nguyen.

Serving as a trip leader is so rewarding in three ways.

1) Being on the ground with Trek Relief gives me the opportunity to be an ambassador for an organization in which I deeply believe.

2) The camaraderie that comes with assembling and traveling with a Trek Relief team, too, is a wonderful chance to work and travel with other adventurers committed to good work, fun, and adventure.

3) Finally, being a trip leader creates opportunities to meet and work with remarkable individuals and organizations in other countries and from other cultures - creating “win win” collaborative projects that enrich everyone involved and make the world a better place.

I encourage you to consider joining our Trek Relief community, and consider, too, being a trip leader and work with us to expand Trek Relief’s mission and work.



Sarah Nguyen

Becoming a trip leader was a natural step to take, since I love to connect people to great causes in conjunction with the grandeur of nature through works of heart-filled service, vigorous trekking (including some horseback riding, camelback trotting, and rugged Russian camper van off-road adventures), and, of course, sharing delicious local foods (often cooking together with our kind hosts).

Leading trekkers on journeys of beauty, fulfillment, and connectivity to the world around them on a social and environmental scale has been symbiotically touching, beneficial, and just simply fun!

What takes trip leading a step further from the mode of a participant is the inspiring direct connection in coordinating with the local organizations who direct the service work (whether rebuilding the school in Nepal or managing waste in Mongolia). Being the liaison and champion on the other side of the symbiotic relationship is crucial and a wonderful role to fulfill. And the best part: it’s not difficult, yet the impact is immense.

I love being a trip leader, as I’m as much a participant enjoying the travel as I am also an enabler for maximizing impact by providing the opportunity for other people to be a collective part of the change.

Win win.


Candice Young

I have gone to Langtang Valley 6 times now, 5 of which I’ve led Trek Relief groups. 

What I love about being a Trip Leader for Trek Relief is getting to build my relationships with the local people. Coming back repeatedly to the same place in a foreign land, recognizing familiar faces and having them recognize me in return, is something that the average traveler doesn’t often get to experience. 

I am not just returning to assist strangers, I am returning to see friends and their families. Mutual trust and understanding is built with familiarity.

I get to watch children grow up. I deepen friendships over the years. I love telling stories I’ve learned over time with the group, and it is a pleasure to see the tangible progress of our project and the changes in the community over time. 

I love sharing what I’ve learned about the country and the people with my groups. I love knowing that the decisions I make are important ones that make a difference. I love being an ambassador of good and making a globally positive footprint on this earth in a place that I’ve come to love. 

Join us as a Trip Leader, and discover your own golden path of philanthropy.


Dan Halu

I embarked on my first trek with Trek Relief in March of 2017 and simply put it has changed my life. I have since then been heavily involved with the organization, working to build and expand our operations to new heights. I have since been on 4 expeditions with the organization with my most recent one being my first trip leader experience. Each and every trip is something I'll keep with me forever, however my trip leader experience to Langtang was special in that it offered me a unique and more intimate way of participating in a trip.

I got an opportunity to be a champion and ambassador of Trek Relief while in Nepal, helping to build new connections and strengthen old ones. Getting a behind the scenes look helped me further appreciate the amazing relationships we have built with these communities in Nepal.

Furthermore, being trip leader helped step into a role that was new and exciting yet also challenging which helped me grow in so many ways. This was truly a special experience and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good adventure :slightly_smiling_face: