Bulletin #1

Introductions, Giving Back, Transparent Expenses, &

What We Need from You


Sain baina uu, friend!
(Mongolian for “Hello”)


Thank you for joining us on our purposeful adventure to Mongolia, and welcome to the Trek Relief family!  Here are some details about what sets our program apart from others…


Purposeful Travel

As travelers, we gain so much from visiting a new land…so why not return the favor?  We believe in two-way exchange, where our participants get to both give and receive.  We’ve created a program with this idea in mind, so that through Trek Relief you will experience what it is to travel with purpose.


“Voluntouring” (Volunteering and Touring)

Your funds directly sponsor a much-needed education-oriented environmental cleanup event in Terelj National Park, organized by local leaders from the Mongolian Rotary Club and involving volunteers from the country’s capital, Ulaanbaatar.

Following the event, you will embark on a more intimate 3-day Eco Trek around the park with guides, horses, and an oxcart (equipped to carry trash bags!) to reach remote corners of the expansive Mongolian wilderness.


Environmentally Friendly Practices

We aim to promote and integrate eco-friendly practices into the Mongolian tourism industry.  We’re working with one of the largest travel agencies in Ulaanbaatar to implement a greener approach to their trips and set an example and standard.  Our hope is that by sharing and encouraging mindful practices, positive habits integrate into the staff mindsets and eventually overall operations.

And as a champion of the environment, your thoughts are valued!  If there are any environmentally-friendly ideas or practices that you would like to share with the all leaders and partners, please share freely!  We are all working towards the common goal of protecting the environment, and your thoughts most useful when shared.


Introducing Our Team

  • The volunteer Trek Relief Team has worked hard to put this program together for you. Our Chief Information Officer, Sarah Nguyen--who also serves on our Board of Directors--shall facilitate and be the “glue” of the trip, tying various elements together.

  • To ensure sustainability, we partner with the Mongolian Rotary Club to organize on-the-ground logistics of the environmental program.  Your contribution enables local leaders to organize, educate, and lead their own peers into a greener future.

  • We employ a professional, locally-run travel agency to manage travel logistics.


Transparent Finances

Trek Relief operates on a lean and carefully allocated budget in which any and all revenue is reinvested back into the organization to enable our programs to be created, implemented, and run smoothly.

In order to be radically transparent, we have separated our program fee from our charitable contribution, so that you know exactly where and how your money is being spent!



$500 from each participant enables much-needed environmental conservation initiatives in Terelj National Park.  This amount covers transportation, volunteer food, supplies for trash management, and the installation and maintenance of trash cans and signage throughout the park.

Your funds directly sponsor education-oriented environmental cleanup initiatives in Terelj National Park and provide local leaders opportunities to make lasting impacts on their own communities.  Our partner, the Mongolian Rotary Club, helps coordinate the day’s events. We ask our volunteers to participate and lead by example in this fun event to promote the concept of “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” in a country where this ideology is still challenged in gaining a hold.

(This project is entirely funded by Trek Relief participants and donors, so thank you for making this community’s dream a reality!)



Following the cleanup day, you will embark on a 3-day eco-trek around Terelj National Park equipped with horses and an oxcart.  Should you choose to walk, you can utilize trash bags on the oxcart to enable occasional trash pick-up as you tour deeper into the countryside alongside streams, through plains, and over forested hills.  Enjoy one of the most traditional forms of eco-travel, soaking in the beauty of the Mongolian countryside while staying in traditional nomadic homes.

In addition to the trek, there is more fun to be had revolving around the local sights and festivities!  To delve deeper into mission of the project, you may visit an environmentally-focused monastery to discuss needs and ideas with eco-monks.  To expand more into the beauty of the wilderness, you will soak in natural hot springs and ride atop camels. To integrate further into local culture, you will spectate and participate in awe during the local Naadam festival.


$1000 from each participant covers the trip costs, which includes:

  • Airport pickup and dropoff

  • Delicious, local meals

  • Homestays with nomadic families

  • Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar within trip dates

  • English-speaking guide and driver

  • Transport in a high-clearance UAZ Russian camper van

  • National Park fees

  • Horseback, oxcart, and camel excursions

  • Erdin Zuu Monastery entrance fees

  • Naadam festival entry

Note:  Each program is unique; thus, service expenses and fundraising distribution may fluctuate according to group size, circumstances, and needs of the region at the time of the trip.


As with any good cause, the more the merrier--so feel free to bring along more friends to join!

The last day to register and pay for this trip is June 6, 2018.


What We Need From You

Your trip is confirmed when we receive the following items from you:

  1. Completed Trek Relief Participation Information form;

  2. A clear picture of your passport details;

  3. A confirmation of your flight itinerary; and

  4. Your minimum $1,500 contribution, either donated or fundraised, at least 30 days from departure.

Send all correspondence to with subject “Mongolia Trip Participation”.


That’s it for now!

...Stay tuned for our upcoming bulletins where you’ll receive all the information you need to get geared up and ready for your upcoming trip to Mongolia with Trek Relief!

Meanwhile, like us on Facebook to stay updated with project progress--and thank you for supporting the cause!


With heartfelt gratitude,

Candice Young (Trek Relief Founder),
on behalf of the entire Trek Relief Team