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Nature Conservancy: Mongolia

Environmental cleanup event


As the most sparsely populated sovereign country in the world, Mongolia contains some of the most untouched natural wonders.  One-third of Mongolia's families live semi-nomadic or nomadic lifestyles, moving their yurts and livestock with the seasons across the landlocked plateau.  Their organic, traditional way of life has never necessitated the practice of proper waste disposal...until now.  With the relatively recent introduction of plastics and supermarkets to the country, old habits die hard, and the stunning countryside is sadly marred with litter and broken glass. 

In a country of 3 million inhabitants, you can make a difference.  This epic guided journey through the Mongolian wilderness empowers you to lead local volunteers to become conscious protectors of the environment.  Funds sponsor vital cleanup initiatives at Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, a natural gem badly suffering from an environmental crisis.

Trek Relief has partnered with Mongolian Rotary Club's green leaders to host impactful events focusing on education and services for the earth.  Planned activities include a public Environmental Cleanup Day at the Terelj River and an intimate 3-day EcoTrek deep in the National Park via horseback and trash receptacle-equipped oxcart.  Both events are designed to educate the public while promoting a fun and positive atmosphere around environmental stewardship.

Participants have opportunities to work with local volunteers and budding eco leaders, and be welcome guests in Mongolian yurts with nomadic families.  Outdoors, you will embark on an explorative journey to discover ancient monasteries, sparkling sand dunes, natural hot springs, and other national treasures.


  • Donation toward environmental cleanup event in Terelj National Park
  • 6 day tour of Central Mongolia
  • Delicious, local meals
  • Traditional homestays in yurts with nomadic families
  • Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar at trip start and end
  • English-speaking guide and driver
  • Horseback, oxcart, and camel excursions
  • Transport in a high-clearance UAZ Russian camper van
  • Erdin Zuu Monastery entrance fees
  • National Park fees

Not included:

  • Airfare to/from Ulaanbaatar
  • Airport transfer
  • Travel insurance


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Scheduled Trips

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Central Mongolia × Naadam Festival

July 6-17, 2018


Join us for the country's biggest festival--Naadam--which showcases the country's finest in displays of horseback riding, wrestling, and archery competitions!  Dancers, athletes, equestrians, and musicians bring out their best game at the nation's capital, Ulaanbaatar, where we'll participate in age-old traditions during the largest celebration of the nation.



July 6 - Arrival, orientation and welcome dinner
July 7 - Environmental Cleanup Day
July 8 - Horseback and oxcart EcoTrek
July 9 - Horseback and oxcart EcoTrek
July 10 - Horseback and oxcart EcoTrek
July 11 - Naadam festival
July 12 - Khugnu Tarna National Park
July 13 - Orkhon Valley and waterfall
July 14 - Tsenkher Hot Spring
July 15 - Kharakhorum
July 16 - Hustai National Park and cultural performance
July 17 - Return to Ulaanbaatar



  1. May 13- 2018 - raise or donate the initial deposit of $300.
  2. June 6, 2018 - raise or donate the minimum contribution of $1,500.

**Each missed deadline will result in an additional $100 contribution on top of the minimum trip cost.

**We do not offer refunds - however, for up to 1 year your contributions may be used as credit toward another Trek Relief trip.