Trek Relief is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates on a lean and carefully allocated budget. In order to be radically transparent, we have separated our project contribution from the rest of our expenses below, so that you know exactly where and how your money is being spent. 


+ PROJECT CONTRIBUTION:  Your charitable contribution goes toward thoughtfully designed projects that are created in collaboration with local leaders, communities, and partner organizations to create sustainable solutions. 

+ TRIP EXPENSES:  We stand firmly behind giving fair wages and conscientiously employing local services that support the developing economy. Rest assured that the allocation of your trip funds have been pre-screened for the best local impact! 

+ ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS:  10% of the minimum contribution goes toward Trek Relief's administrative costs, such as our website, filing fees, and other basic operational expenses. Thanks to our wonderfully dedicated volunteer team our administrative expenses are minimal, which enables more money to be directed to our projects!


Please note: each trip is unique and fund allocations may vary according to group size and circumstances. Any and all surplus raised funds help us in acheiving our goals, and Trek Relief reserves the right to allocate funds in accordance with its philanthropic mission and vision.



Langtang Valley School Reuild: $1,500

Based on an average group size of 6 for a 10-day trek in Langtang Valley. Your contribution toward our school rebuild enables the purchase and transport of construction materials and equipment, employing local workers, and contracting local, earthquake-safe construction professionals.

Mongolia Environmental Preservation: $1,500

Based on a minimum group size of 4 for a 12-day trip in Mongolia. Your contribution toward our educational, environmental cleanup event sponsors the buses, volunteer lunches, supplies, and the installation and maintenance of trash cans and signage throughout Gorkhi-Terelj National Park.